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How do you learn about the prospects and technical details of smaller resources stocks when the media and big brokers don’t cover them?

Breakaway Research has been providing independent, commissioned, company research reports on Junior Australian Mining and Energy ASX listed companies for over 9 years. The Breakaway Research team combines technical experience with financial expertise, resulting in high quality research.

An important function of our independent research reports is to provide investors, company shareholders and other stakeholders with an analysis of the company’s current financial and technical information.

Our reports are presented in an informative, straightforward format, identifying and quantifying the perceived value drivers of the company, which the company may otherwise find difficult to present.

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About Commissioned Research

Recently, Senior Research Analyst for Breakaway Research, Mark Gordon, has been writing a series on the differences between commissioned research and research from other sources, such as broker reports. These articles are available via our web-based monthly newsletter, THE DIGGER. An excerpt of this article is featured below:

When prudently researched and written, with the best interests of the potential investor in mind, commissioned research (and any other research for that matter) is fair, and no more biased than that from other sources.

Invariably, there is a filtering of clients before a decision is made whether to write up a company (or when selecting companies to approach for potential write up), and thus poor quality stocks are able to be eliminated if the analyst does not like it, or would feel uncomfortable in providing a positive recommendation.

Importantly, good research reports will always discuss the key risks in a company, thus enabling investors to assess whether it meets their investment criteria– the reports should not simply be “advertising brochures” for the company and need to reflect the analyst’s thoughts and conclusions.

It is critical to remember that analysts (for those providers with the appropriate AFSL) are making a recommendation to investors and potential investors on what to do with THEIR money – it is the investors’ interests that need to be held paramount. This last point is actually enshrined in legislation – the needs of the investor do need to come first. It is important that, for a report to be unbiased, the analyst retains a significant degree of independence in picking and writing up companies – this applies equally to independent commissioned work and analysts in broking houses…

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We are always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our research reports. Should you have any queries, please email or call +612 9392 8010.

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