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Information Memorandums 

Information Memorandums are often required to provide potential investors with an independent review of a particular project or company to support an investor’s ability to personally assess the opportunity.

Depending on the complexity of the project the IM will typically provide a description of the business and sector, project cash flows, current valuations and comparative projects. Some IMs may a simple description of the project but as it is prepared on an independent basis, it often attracts more credibility than an owner prepared sales pitches.

IMs may be used for complete project and company divestments or partial divestments including joint ventures or other structured participation in projects.

The marketing of an IM is normally a significant part of the marketing of a project. Breakaway Research has an active investor database which includes retail and wholesale investors, senior company executives and broking and fund management groups from across Australia as well as Asia, African, North American and Europe. Groups within the database can be specifically targeted and marketing trips can be arranged.