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Sundance Resources Ltd

Sundance Resources Limited is an international iron ore company which is focused on becoming a world-class producer by developing the Mbalam-Nabeba Iron Ore Project in central west Africa and leading the development of the world’s next great iron ore province.

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Sundance Resources is a Central African iron ore developer, with high quality projects at the shovel‐ready stage that will initially produce a high‐grade, low impurity Direct Shipping Ore (DSO) product. The Company envisages a two stage production plan, with an initial phase producing 35Mtpa of DSO for at least 12 years, with a 20+ year, second stage 35Mtpa high‐grade itabirite concentrate operation starting in year 11.

Sundance Resources Limited (ASX: SDL) is making steady progress towards development at the Mbalam‐Nabeba Iron Ore Project in the Republic of the Congo (“RoC”) and Cameroon, in Central Africa. The project is ‘shovel‐ready’, with a positive Definitive Feasibility Study delivered in early 2011 and the majority of Government approvals now in place.

Tenders for the estimated $2.6Bn direct cost rail and port infrastructure have been received, with a decision on the successful bidder expected in Q2, 2014. Negotiations are also underway concerning offtake agreements. These are critical elements in advancing the project, enabling construction of the infrastructure that will unlock the riches of this greenfield, world‐class iron ore province.

Sundance’s project is the most advanced in this emerging iron ore province. Development of Mbalam‐Nabeba represents an excellent ‘company making’ opportunity, while controlling regional infrastructure should create numerous secondary benefits. The Company will achieve a strong market re‐rating as it achieves funding and development milestones.

Sundance Resources Limited (‘Sundance” or the “Company”) is majority owner of the Mbalam‐Nabeba Iron Ore Project (including the Mbarga and Nabeba groups of deposits, (the “Project”), the most advanced project in the as yet undeveloped world class Central African Iron Ore Province, located in Cameroon, Republic of the Congo (“RoC”) and Gabon.

The province includes two main groups of identified deposits; one group (including Mbalam‐Nabeba) is located in the northern RoC, Gabon, and southern Cameroon. The second is located in...

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