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A New Subscription Research Product Focusing on the Australian Mining and Energy (Resources) Sector


New Subscription Research Product!

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Breakaway Research, an independent research provider specialising in Australian resources for more than 10 years, is launching an new, affordable subscription research product focussed on the mining and energy (resources) - The Breakaway Mining Research Daily and Weekly .

Over the years we have seen the mining and resource sector change in many ways. Cost and time pressures have meant that the mining sector continues to receive paltry news coverage for most mid to small tier resource companies and indeed, many very significant events may go completely unnoticed.

Investment trends relating to various commodities, project state or jurisdiction can also go unnoticed until most of the returns have already been delivered. An example could be the early investment positioning in lithium or other minor metal stocks prior to the euphoria which occurs as the main stream press catches up with the story or trigger events.

In addition, investors need to know what news is really new and important and whether it may ultimately be beneficial from an investment perspective.

In response, Breakaway Research has established a new subscription based product which encapsulates the Breakaway Mining Research Daily and Weekly reports.

  • Daily Report - provides all the Australian mining and energy news from overnight and previous ASX announcements which summarised in an easy to read format. As you would expect, there are also market and commodity price movements overnight and commentary on key drivers.  Download a sample Daily Report here
  • Weekly Report - provides the Breakaway recommended resource portfolio and the Breakaway resource Watchlist . Our investment portfolio is a summary of our recommendations along with the rationale while the Watchlist highlights stocks which have released significant news or have exposure to important commodities or other factors which means they are worth watching! Watchlist stocks will be more speculative but sometimes they will graduate to resource portfolio. Download a sample Weekly Report here

In addition, the weekly will also highlight emerging trends, news events, recent listings, capital raising and merger and acquisition data.  One of our key alliances is with Austex Mining, a market monitoring company that maintains our resource database.

Indeed, the combination of daily information flow and the weekly review including the portfolio and watchlist 'recommendations' means that you will be on top of the news, events and trends occurring in the sector and know how to gain the investment benefit from this knowledge.

Our subscription price is a very reasonable A$25/month or A$250/year, both including GST.  We believe it represents exceptional value, but of course, you can cancel at any time, and for the first two weeks of your subscription, you can receive a full reimbursement.

We believe this is an essential product for investing in the Australian mining and energy sector.

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