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Economic Backdrop - Breakaway Mining Research Weekly - Dr Stephen Bartrop


We are entering an uncertain but interesting period of history with unprecedented changes impacting markets and creating a cloud of uncertainty. Voter dissatisfaction has heralded the beginning of the Trump Presidency and is reminiscent of last year’s Brexit vote along with other political signs around the world. Read More

Trends In Regulations - Company Forward Looking Statements and Reducing Research Conflicts of Interest


Written by: Dr Stephen Bartrop - Director, Breakaway Research.  All Company Executives understand that the only way to gain and attract investors’ attention leading to a fully valued share price in the market is to promote their story using the following methods: Read More

121 Mining Investment Hong Kong Event 2015 Debrief


Breakaway Research attended the 121 Mining Investment Event held on the 14th-15th October in Hong Kong. As well as the 121 Group debrief on this event being available to download, a description of the event will be given by Rachel Szabo, Manager Client Services - Breakaway Investment Group, who attended the event. Read More

A Lithium Primer - By Mark Gordon, Senior Resource Analyst, Breakaway Research


Lithium is one resource that has been making the news and garnering investor interest lately, largely due to forecast demand growth in the rechargeable Li-ion battery market. This column is aimed at providing a brief overview of the upstream lithium industry and markets. Read More

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